Sunday, July 16, 2017

Lirik Semenjana - Bandara Terbesar di Tokyo

Lyrics for 'Bandara Terbesar di Tokyo' by Semenjana

sometimes we nail it
sometimes we don't
sometime we're lost

sometimes we make it
sometimes we fail
everytime we share

Hey! 2x .. dia 9x (2x)

i have found a decent girl
that i want to live with everyday
she lights me up and says
that i can't stop, not today

sing some songs of thousands live
spread the words, tell the world

.. dia 9x (2x)

she never gives up
she will always shine
like a milion suns

when she gets too tired
she closes her eyes
but she can see us anyway

she's given her life
sometimes she can't get herself
into her life again

when she falls asleep
she wakes up when we're asleep
and then we dream away

someday we'll go there
and it will take us anywhere
to some places we've never been before

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