Saturday, June 10, 2017

Lirik Torpedoest - See the Unseen

Lyrics for 'See the Unseen' by Torpedoest

The more I walk in this world
The more less I could spit a word
Since moral compasses has dominate each mind in particular sort
More mazes built, more hazes spread
Take us one by one to becomes the dead!
Lock your mind from the outside threat
Quietly wait for the upcoming death!

I won’t run and I won’t hide! (See the Unseen!)
Why should be quite about what’s right?! (See the Unseen!)

Screw up your fantasies, stand up for liberty!
Open up and clear your mind, come raise your hands up to the sky!
The world is burning, there’s no such being will come to redeem!
Look around and hear the sound, look what you will found!

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