Saturday, June 10, 2017

Lirik Torpedoest - Blur

Lyrics for 'Blur' by Torpedoest

I got nowhere to go…..
I got nowhere to run…..
Can you imagine the world inside a big question mark?
You will never find,
an answer without a fight….
As you fight for the right, everything seems so dark…..

Long live emotions? Long live the morals?
How can you find the truth inside a media controlled mind?
Relativity as a grasp for reality?
Honey would you please pardon me?

What’s right seems another fight,
What’s wrong feels so fuckin good?!
Head of mandkind stuck in a boots,
Harmony locked inside a frippery looks!

There’s something unseen, but it is not out of reach
And it is not something easily you can see
It is haunting and haunting, as you try…try to win!
So many people shouting on an empty bottle of gin!

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