Friday, June 23, 2017

Lirik Rebelsuns. - World Number Two

Lyrics for 'World Number Two' by Rebelsuns.

My eyes have never been so useless
I dive into her warmth, her kindness
Sever me from the rope that's keeping up, tying me down
And here goes the free fall...

The thought of her suffocates me
Duplicates my worries and fears that she'll never be mine
Oh god help me, help me change her mind

Just let me sleep
So i can pick up where i left off
Rewind it back, we’ll hope that it makes sense
And put the midnight fantasies all in repeat

[Chorus 1]
Dreams of her takes me higher
Makes me decide to fall back asleep
Cause she's too far in world number one
She's my red rose in the other one

[Chorus 2]
Dreams of her takes me higher
Beneath it all, she’s all i could see
Cause she's too far in world number one
She's my red rose in the other one

Take it from me
I can’t imagine you so beautiful
As clearly
I petrify when you walk near me

You said that two wrongs make a right
But has our distance minimized?
One sec, i just blacked out
So here goes the free fall...

[Back to Chorus 1 & 2]

Now breathe in the smoke
We’ll find our way home
This hasn’t happened yet
But it will, but it will

(Bridge 2)
We’re silver and gold
We’ll find our way home
Our hearts set to reset
Yeah it will, yeah it will
For the thrill

[Chorus 1]
[Outro Chorus]
This heart keeps screaming louder
This whole town can hear it, the city knows it
She'll be my love in world number one
And keep her running the other one

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