Friday, June 23, 2017

Lirik Kekal - Speed Of God

Lyrics for 'Speed Of God' by Kekal

i don’t want my dreams to remain just dreams
somehow, they need to manifest
i don’t want my visions becoming delusions
by rejecting a spiritual call for resistance
i don’t want my soul be darkened by fury
crippled by anger towards this injustice
i don’t want my pain to merge with my being
and let my senses become numb and dead
as years go by, my impatience grows
moving faster than the speed of god
when virtues have been twisted to utter madness
to be whole is an effort of balancing on a ledge
here’s myself breaking apart as i hit the wall
the unprivileged wishing to make progress
when evil seems far too big to confront
i form my resistance divulged through anarchy
help me fight the good fight
help me finish the race
help me hold and keep the faith
never allow my hope to fade

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