Friday, June 23, 2017

Lirik Kekal - Sanity Away from Sanity

Lyrics for 'Sanity Away from Sanity' by Kekal

the planet's tipping point has been passed
this generation shall experience catastrophe
as an outcome of irresponsible abuse of earth
so bleak we no longer foresee a livable habitat
for so long, those in power reign with deceptions
concealing truth for maximum exploitation
profiting from death and human suffering
while the most vulnerable witness their lands destroyed
speaks like the dragon, acts like god
denying climate science to justify greed
a normalized sanity is formed, away from sanity
woe to you, woe to me, we doom ourselves to death
global warming accelerates in turbocharged torque
polar ice shelves are melting fast and furious
sea level rising with pace we've never seen before
many species face extinction and homo sapiens is next
into large-scale destruction, we brace ourselves
for calamitous aftertaste of hyperconsumption
superstorms, drought, wildfires, arctic methane release
before our eyes, our world has come to an end

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