Sunday, May 7, 2017

Lirik Warlok - Broken Bones

Lyrics for 'Broken Bones' by Warlok

I'm more than familiar with feeling empty.
I'm not alone but I am feeling lonely.
Tragedy is all I have in common.
And at times I allow it to swallow me.

Crippling me!

As far back as I can remember, the failure was always there.

It was the only real companion that I have ever had.
My mind is the trench in which I will be buried.
I can't handle, the pressure on me
I can't carry, the weight of the world

I hate the fact
I hate the fact
I hate the fact that I'm fine and still alive.

Help me rebuild my broken bones.
Help me regain my sanity.
Life is what's killing me.

A lifetime spent trying to place the blame on anyone or anything.
I can only find solace in my sleep
Sink beneath this thought
I livin the misery I create
I could feel myself fading
Like a roses I withered away before blossom
This is not who I supposed to be
This is not the life I supposed to live

Not meant to live like this.

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