Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lirik Vvachrri - Steve the Dragon Slayer

Lyrics for 'Steve the Dragon Slayer' by Vvachrri

The mother told her son

"You'll always be a winner to us
You're better than what they are
You're the king of the world
Go make a mark because I know you can
and you are
Tell all your friends
That you're not what they thought you are
School is alright
You'll be just fine
and don't forget to make them fall apart
After what they've done to you"

The boy started his school with confidence
He was doing just fine
and the bullies started picking on him
But he resisted
'cause he the man now
and this is about to end

After the school's done, the boy went back home with smiling lips full of blood and exam paper with "A" written on it. The mother hugged her son with such care and a kiss on the forehead, a reward after what her son has been through, he's been through a lot hell and straight-up fuckery. There was fresh pizza on the table, six slices only for him, because he deserved every slices, he fucking deserved every fucking slices.

Every bit he takes is heavenly fulfilling, he can't described it with any words, all he can do is shedding tears on his eyes. Salty taste in his mouth got overcome with sweetness, his body were never black and blue, and the stories behind it were never true.

But then, his mouth can't bite anymore, because he knows.

There is always tomorrow.

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