Monday, May 1, 2017

Lirik Sadewa - Vision

Lyrics for 'Vision' by Sadewa

Verse I
My eyes wide opened.
Courtesy of weird blunt; tobacco mixed with a substance.
I can't even separate fact or fiction.
They became blurry, no color like an old TV.
I hollered, but no voice been heard.
I swallowed my tongue.

Truth isn't about right or wrong.
It's always in our trunk, but we never mind to go out, take a look, so we can crying.
Truth is no one could ever bear.
I swear, it's so much easier to be lied to than crumbling upon something we want to believe to.

Those sike activists consider I gone too far.
I saw a giant octopus, but other sailors consider me as a liar.
A dreamer, a stoner, a loser.
Well, maybe I'm fucking drunk stupid punk who never done anykind of shit but sleep with a bong.

Verse II
How to explain shit you see under influence of mixed blunt, bitch? Is it just a glitch? I'm not sure what I obtained.
Am I insane? A total new terrain of my fucking brain.
I never been there.
I swear, it's so much easier to be lied to than crumbling upon something you want to believe to.

I precisely need to say it twice to break my iceberg, then observe.
How it works? How words occurred?
I'm sure they're not just pop out absurdly into a cross word.
It's absolutely total fucking mystery.
Like gravity, or reality. I think they're will always be there.
Whether we are there or not.
You feel me?

It's funny how we'll never be sure cause it will always be blur.
Yet, we will always endure.

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