Monday, May 1, 2017

Lirik Jarakata - These Days

Lyrics for 'These Days' by Jarakata

[verse 1]
yeah i’ve been living my life one step at a time
look at my eyes these eyes don’t lie
layin’ down in my bed just to get my mind back on the track
when i’m ready to die she came back
see i never want no beef
nor even want one of these
just a little bit harder than it seems
see i keep movin’ on with my headset on
see i never would’ve guessed that my life depend it on
it takes time to walk the pain off
somebody maybe will pay my pain off
so i guess i’ma take my day off
you don’t know what i’m made of
so fuck off
i ain’t tryna put it blunt
but i’m here smokin’ blunt
so i guess i’ma make it count
1 2 3 and 4
i know what i’m here for
so i’ma put it down on the floor
bounce! get yo ass on the floor
dance dance like you’ve never been before
go ahead and say it “i want more”
pop another bottle i ain’t here to feel the sore
more more! i need more
more than just a smile
feel like i’m running miles
saw that future smiles
guess i’m dreamin’
least i know that i’m not playin’

[verse 2]
these days are hard
hell it’s hot out here livin’ in wild
livin’ my time livin’ my way
i levitate elavate concentrate no mistakes
i’ve got what it takes to lift weight
bitches gettin’ weird when i’m zonin’
maybe black beard can give a teachin’
livin’ with no fear man i keep reaching
through the heart-mosphere man i keep singing
now here i come with a stiches
livin’ so hard think i might need a mistress
i’m helpless
and focus
i’m livin’ through phases
got these scars like Scarface
too many faces
gettin’ tired of these places
it’s hopeless
multiple choises neglected
by the media or the wretchess
the so called prophet
collecting profit
you fellas got soften
when you screamin’ and judgin’ kings and queens
and i’ll be waitin’ on the edge and push you to the limbs
i keep crawling in my skin
hopin’ it gets better everyday so i can spread my wings
i’m walking down through the memory lane
guess tonight i’m alone with my Mary Jane

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