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Lirik Jarakata - Piece of Mind

Lyrics for 'Piece of Mind' by Jarakata

it's 2:50 in the mornin'
got my headphone's on
I got my bass on the track

let me start it with a clap
clap clap feels more than a crap
i ain't got nothin' but a plague
more classy than a trap i confide
my confident like rap
cause i'm the one 'til i jet
i'm rhymin' for my satisfaction
it's all a chain reaction
of my brain like a nuclear reaction
train of thought-flowin' creation
it's only my imagination
so here's my introduction
my name is jarakata
i grew up in the east end of jakarta
wraping my thought comin' at you like karma
Siddhartha Maharaja ku kemas kata - kata
tak lupa ku berkaca
it's the nation of Garuda
they call it Balinesia
we provide beautiful scenery
my tranquality
my inner serenity
it's my land of opportunity
uh i started with a scratch
hold a pen and a paper i'm ready to sketch
layin' down in the couch, ready to be fetched
by the greatest, shout out to my man
Marshall Matthers
this is a story of a boy with a dream in his mind
tryna make it right
a handful of patience is worth more than a pride
and don't bark if you can't bite
and everynight
swiming in a pool of mind
tryna find my peace so i can let it shine
like the Dark Knight
fighting the crime with his mask and his bike
tryna find what's right so i can be the Knight
forget what's around now
i took a bow now
thank you all for your time now
it's all a shame now
everytime i close my eyes
there's always peace around
and I, keep closing my eyes now

walkin' down the street never been easy
well now you 'bout to know it ain't gonna be easy
i hope i don't sound cheezy
when i write it down like Eazy
so i make this song more sounded like Jay-Z
and i don't give a fuck
what you're 'bout to say
so i put my defenses up
stay outta my way
fuck what you gonna say?
if i slay y'all with all these verses
and y'all can served me with all your curses
nonsense to say you being a cocky prick
put a dick in your mouth couse you're just a faggot chick
yeah my rhyme's slick smooth like david beckam's kick
from the corner
i make my flow sick like the banana kick
my engine's roarin'
like mclaren - aston martin
you know, classy chick started to moanin'
sleepin' eatin' fuckin' never been this rockin'
my life's sucks but at least my girl ain't leavin'
i ain't talkin' bullshit - talkin' the truth
rappers nowadays like to
bark so loud and claimin' they're the badass
and truth is nobody really care if you're the badass
I'm the badass (nope) you're the badass
(what?!) we're the badass i don't give a fuck, fuckas
the most important thing we're rapping
like there's nothing more than to accomplish
and gain the palace
regain the balance
master the atlas
now that's what you call a status
practice makes perfect use the compass
to aim the dream unlike us "the puppet"
controlled by "the heartless"
man you forget where your heart is?
when you forget where you're head is
take a sip of Jack
now you got a lil' bumpy with that glasses
swingin' over the club make yo dick so hard
you're hopeless tryna to get laid in a club
but your own life just passed you
i'm outta words and outta time
i'm outta town to find myself
and just in time
the beat's fading away
and i just need to say
bitch don't stand in my doorway

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