Monday, May 1, 2017

Lirik Jarakata - Cold Weather

Lyrics for 'Cold Weather' by Jarakata

i'm tired of lyin'
i'm tired of hidin'
all these things consumes me
memories starts to fadin'
emotions starts rushin'
tie me up cause i can't feel the surroundings
guess i'm dyin' and no one'll save me
live young die a legend
the path that i've chosen

no matter the weather
there'll be better days
what color the cheddar
there'll be better days
cold weather bad weather
there'll be better days

2017 things changed a lot
fellas on the news tryna breakin' locks
peace sign everywhere with their dreadlock
but the people couldn't understand this is the end of the clock
you feel me?
shock of the fall people get tired
they wanna eat they wanna drink but instead they choose to diet
no reason no treason just feelin' like dying
i'm on my new state of mind
so i'll be damned if i ain't tryin' shit

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