Monday, May 1, 2017

Lirik J-Bag - Nocturnal

Lyrics for 'Nocturnal' by J-Bag

[Verse 1]
Stop, let the jay talk, let the jay walk
Not illegal imma jay dawg, while they wonder how I stay rock
Spit it like a raindrop, Chain stopper
Cause I let em bark, in a minute then I let em shock
see me when I pop , on the top
on the stage cause Im facing the crowd, feel the heat like I rub
let me breath
But I rust when I rest, so dont mess up for the best
cause im impressive, every little second so massive
this shit is too heavy and lavish, I hope that you feel this
dont act ridiculous, you're not the guerillas
you killed us, and tryna' be illest
so stop it man, something else to do
messed up with the band, but Im still improving
shit I got my music, now is too abusive
last time i check, everybody is the lucy
Im back in hell
cause i feel all the fire, and they ring the bell
too many bullshit I heard, so its hard to tell
aint nobody really want me to stay prevail
So DOn't blame on me, when this game so corny
I spit it like illama don't sit beside me
all you heard about me is a piece of story
still enjoy the show, eating macaroni
when the show is up and you get the crowd
everybody want you spit it  and you make em proud
and they start to curious what you all about
damn, we just tryin to kill the doubt , man

Come, Come afterdark
Stop, Stop me like a truck
Shoot em, shoot em like a chuck
They don't see me, not a magic show, I make em drop now

[Verse 2]
Yea I've Waited for this like a trailer
who's drillin now here? I need an umbrella
they spit on the top while im here on the bottom
Im drowning Im drowning, they did it so random
Im moving like dollars, Im moving like swagger
Im living like chilling all time with no danger
they live on a jelousy, tryna' be major
you know me a little, you think Im a faker?
(Yea Yea)
bring it all back
see they complain all over internet
"they steal my style and they copy my lyric
they're using this beat and they fuck me with critic"
its like the end is around
medias show all the clown
Im livin here under the ground
make the whole room gonna bounce
(Jump-Jump) like we gonna hype in a night
My flow is too low and too tight
Im taking you back in a time like medieval
this shit is too long, now it will be a sequel
Im running around like a pepsiman coming
Im on my retrieval, don't need to keep bluffing
Im eating that muffin, I chill with my lovin
we keepin it stunning, you speculate nothing
for the rest of the day, hope you live long and prosper
you think about hater instead of an oscar?
give all the spirit and let em be free
I'll stop doing this, make it 4'33"

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