Thursday, May 11, 2017

Lirik Hey John - My Name is Heaten

Lyrics for 'My Name is Heaten' by Hey John

There's something i can feel
It's little bit hard to explain
and i want you believe
Even though you have'nt the answer
The Preacers preach so wrong
They sell The Heaven to blame
So now we know
We are heading to the end of the earth

I really felt it's burn inside
I hope it's only in my dreams
The nightmare now it's comes in to the real life
I don't know what should i do
(When) you Praise The Lie becomes The Truth
Now majority kill our faith and we keep silent

Don't you know, i can't believe
Now they called someone with "The Heathen" name
Second time God (will) comes
(I) can't stop to waiting

The world is so cruel to makeup your mine
You don't know who you are
I can see you pretend (to) yourself
(If) it's make you satisfied

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