Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lirik Griffin's Holy Grove - Hollow

Lyrics for 'Hollow' by Griffin's Holy Grove

Another bridge another path
Another choice i couldn't take
But i must follow and swallow

Climb those approval of violence
Then gaze desired thing, cold war

I've seen infants bleed under their pillow
I've heard of father left their beloved widow
In the Hollow

Dance our rivulet
Sing in our trees then the roots will come
Plundered lore
Ancient roar will remove this sorrow (2x)

It takes more blood
It wants more tears
I will not deny (2x)

Lord have you run out of this town and feels alright
Lord is it fun suck our blood down and drunk all night
Lord i gave you my word that this soil will bounce your sword
Lord can't you see we are ready we are ready to have a war

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