Monday, May 1, 2017

Lirik Foghorn - Heartbreaker ft. Jarakata

Lyrics for 'Heartbreaker' by Foghorn Ft. Jarakata

[verse 1]
i’m hangin with the socialist
i ain't no vocalist
but i spit rhymes like motionless
and the beats that phono’s makin it’s the illest and
makin’ it dope like timbaland
far more cute than a disney land
but we stay humble like the innocent
let me spell it all out to you
what i’ve been searchin’ and
it ain’t something you've ever hearin’ and
starting out from the bottom
I’m smokin’ chronic from the bottle
bottoms up - i think i opened the portal
jarakata and phono we stay autumn
taken by the street all i hear was rejections
contemplatin' suicide so hopeless
when everybody's in their shells makin that noises, voices,
all around the basis
takin' chances, glances, all around my glasses
i'm seeing through who ever the enemy
fuck 'em policies
all they ever served was just atrocity
conspiracy glistenin'
i'm on my attic tryna fresh my mind
like pneumatic pump
i get back up with my honesty

[verse 2]
yeah i'm a heartbreak kid
livin' in the city with so much anger
this is one of my ember
hidden massages for the pretender
like katrina contained a disaster
i don't need no plaster
to cover up my demons
i possess some kinda evil runnin' through my blood
so i puzzle up the pieces
i'm gettin' tired of all the bullshit that they're sellin' out
so i'mma just writing all the wisdom 'til my heart blow out
roll out
like optimus prime with his autobots
i'm puttin' out the words, spread out
it's a shout outs
it's jarakata
tak lagi ada kata - kata yang kurasa terlambat
better late than never
like MATTER with his banter
Gbrand with his hammer
Novakane with 'em mellow
i love ya'll i'm a fella
holdin' on like godzilla
keep it on with the thrilla
kill 'em all with real love
jakarta we go higher

[verse 3]
and last but not least
for those of you who wants to hate us
just so you know that we all in the same bus
get up, stand up, step up
cause we ain't slowin' down
rule another crown
take over the town
never back down
people fed up
it's a showdown
and i ain't no looking for beef
best believe we're onto something
we do it massively
over this concrete steel
we have no mercy
all we do is what we do best
we do it constantly
democracy it's gettin' blurry
hypocracy gettin' all over the TV
really? is that what you're thinking?
monopoly against the minority
aiming for that effeciency
well, you're being funny
justice it's gettin kinda missing
rappers nowadays like to dissin'
without any searchin'
man ya'll look like an imbeciles
man this is all i've got
for the love of the country
music is all i've got
spread the love man
spread the love
but don't forget how to use your honesty properly
it's jarakata and phono socialist
spread the words to your families

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