Monday, May 1, 2017

Lirik Abstrakk - Abswerv'd

Lyrics for 'Abswerv'd' by Abstrakk

who this mothafucker named abstrakk?
so absurd
if you meet him on the streets
he act so awkward
got shitloads of tricks up on his sleeves
so you should run
'fore he shits on your bed sheets
you ain't got shit, cos we all ain't shit
if nebula was a fried chicken then he gon' chew it
that's just random
but life is just random
he prefer the word abstract
might fuck the world with a condom
got wisdom, so rich with it
might buy your condominium
you mini, i'm mickey, slick with it
if you with it, i'm with it, let's get it
don't be a dick, unless you're Mandingo
that's a big black cock
and he don't even need a big cock
to fuck all y'all

the track so absurd, but abstraKK will surf
on another beat, while you dance so awkward
the track is absurd, but abstraKK can swerve
on any beats, just to get on your nerves

it's not about the size, it's 'bout how you use it
what's a 9 inch dick if you come in 9 seconds?
you got an average lookin' bitch twerking and you can't stand it
life's a bitch
but that bitch in love with other man
hold your breath, i'm talking about your abdomen
i been here before, i'm as old as the sumerians
i died three times, so death that i was reborn
i'm just a kid, i wish I starred on home alone
and i hunt alone
so alone, where my wolfpack at?
necessary fuss, that's the shit we talkin' bout
if you take a G out of god, what do you get?
you still follow me?
if you don't, ask mac miller, hunnid grandkids
i'm like a killer on the beat
this flow, come outta sudden in the morning
like morning wood
and i ain't from the hood
but i know loads of street hood that might kill you for food
before even letting you know whats good with the hood
i'm so real, that i'm not even sure if i'm real
sometimes i'm so surreal
might electrocute y'all,
just like an electric eel
and don't tell me about how you feel
unless you real, i won't give no time to listen to fake ass hoe
been a beast with this flow
wish i was in brooklyn
so i could spit with them beast coast kings
aye, anyway, this just an introduction
consider it an abstract, say hi to abstraKK
while i'm workin' on my thesis, you can go suck my testicle

can i get a witness? can you stand my realness?
can i get a witness? can you stand my illness?

the track so absurd, but abstraKK still surf
on another beat, while you dance so awkward
the track is absurd, but abstraKK can swerve
on any beats, just to get on your nerves

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