Saturday, April 22, 2017

Lirik Sanctuary - The Aprodhite's Demenour

Lyrics for 'The Aprodhite's Demenour' by Sanctuary

Dear lord deep inside the lies
There's something must to be found
It's collapsing with the memories
That i left behind
A phrase of poet
We didn't recognize in anywhere
Wrote by a man
Who cannot admit the faith

It's so fun to recall what i did past time
And how the lust put me into this case
I'm still can't feel it
I'm always can't feel it
Your smile makes me wonder of the lack that you've done

Adore me with the promise you'll broke
In the name of love
In the name of affection
You lie
All this slander has fail me
You're a liar

With everything that i used to loved i still carrying my own mistakes
Yet i know the the truth
Is you're not mine anymore nooo...

I still remember when sun shining bright, and we're kinda like to hang around the playground, playing with the sands that we used to build a castle, and sneaking a garden to find a beetle
We always talking about the future and if we can't hold thismuch longer, this is the scariest conversation that i don't want to discuss, i just want that we keep holding on together, walking through the disturber, and let the time separating us from each other, i just want that things for the rest of my life

But then an intimation comes over to me, its spreading like disease, they blame me for all the things i didn't do, i swear i didn't do that, the tidings have fail my life, it made myself so outcast, feels like i'm carrying weight of the world, that coward never want to confess for what his done, andfor all the things that make my love so broke

Oh god why i'm so desperate
I know i'm not a good man
But at least can you lay me down in your hands
Even if this sadness would never be forgotten

The matter right now
is how we passing this shackles
I keep trying to hold on to this faith
But she's always losing the grip
At the end of my story
I'm talking to myself
is this what commitment called

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