Saturday, April 8, 2017

Lirik NEUROSESICK - Dementia

Lyrics for 'Dementia' by NEUROSESICK

Promises to tell the truth
The whole truth nothing but a hurt
Living on fact and fantasy
Dementia, we swallow the lies

Forged in the white flame of hate
To serve the new regime
Secured with military power
With fear bound the liberty
For the glory of a tyrant
Offering tools of repression
Fascist democracy bidding war
Sending us to our.. death!!!

Does the system try to manipulate us?
We lost in realm
Miscarriages of justice, prison is slavery
Lead to nothing, pushed into deep hole
Brutal ambition and arrogance, vanished hope and dream.

Theres no place for us
This home was never real
The streets were never yours to walk on
We've got bringing down the thorne
Take what we have won
Even thousand bayonet in front me
I never be scare, i dont want to be controlled
I have my own minds
Tryin to validate my life
I take my victory!!

Audio: NEUROSESICK - Dementia

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