Saturday, April 29, 2017

Lirik Give Me Mona - Resistance

Lyrics for 'Resistance' by Give Me Mona

Can you tell me how it all started and why?
All this hatred and lies
The drones bombing and fly away
Leaving a dark black cloud
There’s no way you can hide away
See the buildings burning
The children screaming in pain
And what was all that for?
I know it’s not right!

We only see from afar
They’ve been struggling all night long
Open your eyes!
You know it’s not right!

There’s no starry night
There’s no shooting stars!
And the darkness wrapped us around
This is a madness! Wrong destination!
How long will you keep silence seeing this destruction?
This system’s failure!
We’re running out of time!
They’re getting richer and the poor will always suffer
It’s never alright

We only see from afar
They’ve been struggling all night long
Open your eyes!

Everything they said and done
Endless day and night terror
It’s never alright!

We live!! we fight!! we will survive!!

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