Sunday, March 12, 2017

Lirik The GRGTZ - Insanity

Lyrics for 'Insanity' by The GRGTZ

Hold your breath and open your eyes
Feel the power of the earth, struggle into survive
Take a look and pay your attention
The planet is getting closer to destruction

Want to take away the pain
That made you cry
To take away the beast
That want you die

Chorus :

Well, take your way to run away
Bring every single pain and hide away
Unwrap a way to fade a way
Push all the scars and wait, then

Close your doors and locked all the windows
We never know when the war will start
People’s screaming people fighting
Destruction’s counting down

Back to (*), Chorus

Lost in time, i can’t see the light
In front of me yeah,
Chase the light, i can’t see truth
in front of me yeah

( this insanity wouldn’t let me go )
( this insanity wouldn’t let me, go )

Back to Chorus, (*)

Audio: The GRGTZ - Insanity

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