Saturday, March 4, 2017

Lirik Stress Out - Northern Girl

Lyrics for 'Northern Girl' by Stress Out

I’ll tell you a lil’ story about the girl from the north
The last time I saw her those blurry eyes led me down to my past
The curiousity have killed the cat, I moon o’er the quay
To find out who she really was is something I should do
I look at her cold-white face tears of joy ran through her eyes
Then se gave me a picture of prosperous ground, how could she knows
The reminiscent land of ine that I have left behind
As she was out of sight I found my self plagued with regret

The great ball was in my court I would set my sail to the north
To chase the love that was my own, I’ll find my strength to fight this storm
I couldn’t do it standing on my head, I bet my blood and sweat to carry on

Ooh northern girl, you’re forsaken
So long northern girl

Here I stand in the land where everything could be explained
But nothing I could find just memories and all that remains
I hear it from the grapevine she had gone lost in the sea
And as the leaves falling I’m straying out of sanity
Here I sit in the shore broken and numb, I’m here alone
And all hope is ravaged forever drowning in this hole
I cry over the spilt milk I’ve already broke my vows
To be a prisoner, lost the war, is nothing that I want

Forgive me northern girl, I’m sorry for lost the battle
The lord is now setting a place for you up in heaven
I wish I could turn back time so I can kiss and hold you litte angel

Ooh northern girl, you’re forsaken
So long northern girl
Ooh northern girl, gone to heaven
So long northern girl

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