Saturday, March 4, 2017

Lirik Southguns - Go

Lyrics for 'Go' by Southguns

I never thought it would end up like this
after all this time together
going through nights in cuddles
greeting each morning with smiles

The hand grip that i felt before seemed like it wont go away from my memories

A dream of happiness seemed to disappear like a daydream
my life isn't like most of those people filled with boring monotonous rules and routines that seemed crammed with shackles
didn't you say that in beginning?

Just go, i realised I'm not as perfect as you expected
how messy my life is, but her i am with all my flaws
just go, i cant be with a girl who makes me not being myself
I'm comfortable like this, so just go.

Maybe later you’ll find someone that you’ve been dreaming of, and i will be happy

Trust me, i will be okay in here with or without you everything wont change.
the life that i’ve been living on wont be destroyed just because you’re not here

Hey girl, stop expecting perfection of a guy, we’re just ordinary people who live duly, at our best

Video: Southguns - Go

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