Saturday, March 4, 2017

Lirik Ocean Trenches - Consequence

Lyrics for 'Consequence' by Ocean Trenches

for the past time
for upcoming future
time become wasted when people argue
how past teach us a lesson

while hoping their is only kindness left for future
hope lead to kindness
when the kindness do not always give a hope
people spread expand covering the earth
all have been divided

the good or the bad
use full or useless
it's a gift of difference

yet this is human said having the highest level

forming class to their own group
can we decide our skin color
consequence !
of difference !
is it a mistake if we have color skin

is minority consequence of difference
is gift a curse
so why reject other right ?

sometimes you take a side
is fair for them to be insoulted
face discrimination should be and
you said fair but it's not because fair is equal

Audio: Ocean Trenches - Consequence

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