Saturday, March 4, 2017

Lirik MametMonster - Chin Up

Lyrics for 'Chin Up' by MametMonster

She's the one
but you cannot get her heart
it's because you're already fell apart

when your nose is start to bleed
well it's better for you to talk
or you're gonna die alone one day

she's alone
but she's not alone at heart
when you around her
you'll never achieve a good start

well, when love is hard to beat
it's better time for you to go
or you're gonna die alone one day

you know is hard
but it worth to try
there's a lot of good thing
just open up your eyes

once your feelings gone
you'll start to smile
you don't need anyone around you
man, it's alright

but, when love is hard to beat
there's no room to breathe
it's not what you need

it's better time for you to go
or you're gonna die alone one day

well take care, don't hanging on
on her mind, just keep move on
let the time wiping on
on your heart,
because it's pointless.

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