Saturday, February 25, 2017

Lirik UNDELAYED - Animus

Lyrics for 'Animus' by UNDELAYED

Barely breathing, but i will find my way
Beat me inside out, but i will fight till the end
Cause when there's blood still rushing through my veins
"I shall stand up and stand still"
You are not my obligation
My existence is just your redemption

Pre chorus :
Why you're so ungrateful? When you can see the infinite bliss in front of you

Chorus :
With these eyes i see the lucid struggle
My bare hands are confronting the demons inside of them (inside of them)
I’m losing sight of what it’s real
This is the fight that amend my life

Obliterating my dream
Transcend my nightmare

I'm sinking into the ocean's trench
You burned my debris of hope
If omniscient could see the conflict
Nothing could hold the war!

wipe off your grin expose your vanity!!
wipe off your grin expose your true face now!!

[Back to pre chorus]

Exonerate me now!
Release me from the burden now
Exonerate me now!
Release me now!

[Back to chorus]

Why you're so ungrateful? Why???

[Back to chorus]

Release me now!

Audio: UNDELAYED - Animus

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