Monday, February 13, 2017

Lirik The Boris Suit - Know

Lyrics for 'Know' by The Boris Suit

You must be mistaken
For some reason I don't want your empathy
Please just stop making this thing about you

So much more is missing
From your reasoning I'm still lying to you
Please believe me what I'm saying is true to you

Give it a little friction
For the middle finger we set free

Give it a fickle motion
For this little notion we must see

Give in to all your senses
For the mess cos I don't even need to
Bring you closer to begin this

Don't start pretending
Cos I know, cos I know, cos I know, cos I know
What you wanna know, so lets do it again
cos I know, cos I know, cos I know, cos I know what you wanna know
Lets do it again

Don't mess up the vibe now
Go ahead and break your head
straight ahead
Is something set and made of your mouth

Give up all your freedom
With this novelty
Misplaced curiosity
Is someplace set
To loose your muddle head instead

Audio: The Boris Suit - Know

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