Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Lirik Morganostic - Shoa

Lyrics for 'Shoa' by Morganostic

Find them all from their hideouts
Throw them into the darkest world
their fate scene has been written
Our nerve knows no mercy

Stick our victory flag
Hail the slaves to get on his knees
Ruthless beast are just batch of pest
This dark place would be an ash sea

Like a sun that never sleeps
Even in the darknight
The king is still cursing you
Refraction from the past

Death troops are under the command
Bullet cures our fear to shew
My death's head against higher
Number just to abstract
Martyrs are just too enough
On my knees we've shared death

Massive lies were bitter as betrayed
Abandoned grave that there are no ash trace
Drown their sadness keep the walking corpse breath

Video: Morganostic - Shoa

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