Saturday, February 11, 2017

Lirik Hellucinate - Tongues Deadlier than Death

Lyrics for 'Tongues Deadlier than Death' by Hellucinate

Empty words you swear in the name of profane darkness
You speak of the unending hatred
You praise yourself - there is none more sacred!
Spit forth and raise Hell!

Tongues deadlier than Death!
Baptised in Judas' breath!
Tongues deadlier than Death!


Warrior's words - You type like you are fucking indomitable!
You spread your lies like fucking sermons
You sow discord, as will the serpents
And when the tide turns, you will pay!

May you fucking rot in pain!

Serpentine soul, unfaithful and foul
Dirty scoundrels, unworthy ones
Forever tainted - No redemption!
Sowing discord - that is all you're destined to live for!

The worthless of mouths make the loudest of garbage
Spreading flame, name-calling shame
Burning self-righteous carnage
Scums with multiple faces
Instigate! Share the hate!
Broken mirrors - You shall never reflect again!
On the high horse you remain...

Desecrate! Intoxicate!
Dishonour.... Revile!!

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