Saturday, February 25, 2017

Lirik Colours and Carousels - Imaginary

Lyrics for 'Imaginary' by Colours and Carousels

God's up in the sky.
Filling the blank inside your heart.
Exiles the martyrs to hold up your life.
He commands you to smite them.
He's only a voice inside your head
He's filling the blank inside your life

Sun is floating above in the open space
He's the father of the twelve constellations
He's an imagination inside your mind

Emphasizing the ideas of their ancestors
Living on the edge of their terrors
Petty crime, pretty fools.
Pretty good on the outside,
Looks awful from the inside.

They've made us fighting for each other
In the name of their imaginary friend
To reclaim their soil, to reclaim their only dream.
And nobody's going to be the victor

They're preaching it with their putrid mouth
Talking sweet, talking loud, feeling superior.
They said "I'm His tongue in mortal language, thus who ignore Him shall be the coal to the fiery pit."
And the man died while he's praying for food to his God.

God's up in the sky and the Sun's floating above in the open space.
Just tell them that there's an invisible man in the sky and they'll believe you

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