Saturday, February 25, 2017

Lirik Colours and Carousels - Coup d'État

Lyrics for 'Coup d'État' by Colours and Carousels

Your reign is over and the only one to blame
You're a lucky one, not gonna be burned by flames
One can't be in denial and there's no correlations
And you're trying to evade all of the accusations

The burning pyre and the symbols on the floor
Written by the bloods of the people you've called whores
A bounty on your head, a price I would like to paid.
A restless night, remember you've been betrayed

You said we will live this world you've made.
But all these scars can't cover your mistakes
Inside your eyes, we found our graves, just let it began

The men and women who slaved away
A pack of wolves behind their back
Waging their lives to be a vultures prey
And now they have already lost their track

Digging gold, shoving down your fist into our throat
You spare the edge of your seat for us, to casts our votes

Those poison on your sleeve
And these web that you weave
Anchoring the ocean of your denial

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