Saturday, February 25, 2017

Lirik Bad Sunday With Hera - Dramatic

Lyrics for 'Dramatic' by Bad Sunday With Hera

Have you ever felt like this before
You broke my day and took everything, everything that i had
You stole my blessed with your fuckin mouth
Forget about the silence, this is the end

Take a deep breath and hold on your faith
This is the destiny that you need to face
I know it's time, this is the time you die

The wolves are ready to clawn your eyes
Hey bitch ! See you in next fuckin world

The blood runs black
It seems like your life gonna be the end
Remember wy words, i am the dead
Who's coming to take your soul

Your scream is not enought to pay all of this
Event you get on your knees

I can't help you to see the light
But i can show you how felt in hell
The dead get closer to your nerves
And now you get the horrible sick a your lings

Just wait the time showing you
The way you die
Is it the karmas, i'm glad to see
Eat this bitch

Audio: Bad Sunday With Hera - Dramatic

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