Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Lirik Secret Weapon - Faith

Lirik Lagu "Faith" - Secret Weapon

I believe in my own faith, i won’t stop trying
Although we don’t have much time
I’m get what am i supposed to get yet
Although people interfere me to get it

Don’t touch that you can’t grab
You’d better step about, twenty paces back
Or you’ll be laying down, where your shoelaces at
Buried in your own hell of fuckin’ craps
I’ve seen lot of people like you with useless life
‘Cause they’re never really sure of himself

We will never regret for every paths that we have choose to take
Everything makes you livin’ your life through your fate and destiny

We don’t understand what’s futures bring and all the forecast within
All i do, and i know is still trying, save a ‘lil prayers, just keep in faith.

The all agonies create our turning point, to return,
No matter what, how hard the life is
I don’t know how, you’ll do it in your city
But round here we gettin' down, to that nitty gritty
You // can’t // fathom, what’s inside me
Only life and faith// feel // the symptoms
‘Cause our time is rough, and chances is tough to get
Bitters life, swallow it down, for brand new day


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