Saturday, December 31, 2016

Lirik REVIVE - Undressed

Lirik Lagu "Undressed" - REVIVE

Eyes feel so fucking blind, but I see when you hide
In the end of the world, in the end of this earth
I see a liar burn his head and he’s dead, undressed and dancing burn his head

This Is Blind
This is not our life cause this is blind
This is blind
Last light escape thru my teeth and out my mouth,blind me out
My last light escape thru my teeth and of my mouth,blinding me

Keep your faith, let it sin more deep, deeper and deeper, through your breath.
Through your breath! Bless your life, in the next round in another fight, bless your fucking life

Be the fucking light don’t you be a loser, keep your face up high gain your power
I’m much better than your faith cause I’m my own destination.
Keep our face up

This is blind
This is not our life cause this is blind
This is blind
No body make a smile as well as devil does, burn your head down, less devotion
We’re all at the same game, just different level
We’re all dealing with the same hell, just different devil keep your faith, let it sing more deep
Deeper and deeper, trought your breath

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