Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Lirik Much - Uneven

Lirik Lagu "Uneven" - Much

I wake up upset
For everything that you said
The day before this
We're on the way home
You left me alone
We settled it by the phone again

I called you three times
You answered at fourth
But still it's never enough
For you to notice
That i'm still here waiting for your call

Again, i'm waking up upset again
For everything that you said to me
That i don't agree
Can we all just get along today

I can feel you near
when you're not here
And i won't shake this feeling off
'Cause i know it's real

Oh my.. how can i be so forgiving?
When all i got is uneven
Then what is love
When you're the only one feeling it
You feel you've given everything
But life is unfair afterall
I gotta stick to what is true
To keep on loving you

I know it's hard
To stay not upset
But i won't regret
The first night we met

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